Are Education Qualification Frauds on Rise

Associated with present environment, huge connected with forgers and fraudsters are thriving in the global education system which a survey report reveals the evidences of same issue around. There are various examples of education qualification frauds which show these frauds are on the rise. Fake visas, dishonest grading, counterfeit qualifications, suspected admission practices, bogus and unrecognized institutions and entry qualifications are some of the important areas where these fraud are carried out in the vast level. The misguided academics, school and university administrative staff and students are also included in these frauds. These fraud practices have developed even in the higher education level usually in most of the reputed international or commercial institutions. It has become a worst scene in the existing society where the verification of education qualification is really most priority and maximum institutions have become vigilant in confirming the qualification of a candidate. An extended cooperation between government and qualification verification agencies is aimed at deterring education and learning qualification frauds which has come to be the threat to the reputation of many legitimate institutions, employment practices, education system and international basic safety.

What are the education qualification frauds?

These are taken given that illegal and unlawful acts to get an unauthorized education degree, illegal alteration in the degree and marks sheets, counterfeiting in qualification, fake grades, illegal admission processes and unrecognized institutions. These frauds are executed to improve the qualification status where as originally that status doesn’t rests. The prime aim of such frauds is to obtain a qualification status which can provide them a reputed employment or honorable position the actual world society. This is due to the general conception how the highly educated people maintain high status and good job and reputation the actual world society.

How education qualification frauds are committed?

In the present condition, education frauds are conducted placed the modern advancement. Fraudsters are using latest technique of computer technology, scanners and other modern equipments to do such frauds. It has become a global problem where international organizations are worst affected and finding no way to deter these problems. As compared to the verification and identification of such issue is a difficult concept. The fraudsters carry out process of preparing bogus visas, false qualification, fake admission processes and low grade institution accreditation.

The other process of fraud includes dishonest grading, plagiarism and bogus institutions. These processes are conducted internationally by many groups to get renowned degrees of higher education. Modern technology has also developed the fraud techniques in the way where it’s become a cumbersome job to identify or verify these fake documents.

Education qualification frauds are on rise

Many surveys and the fraud investigation statistics offering the data on the education frauds to show that these frauds are on the rise and reached at a rising level that internationally employers are insisting on your need to identify or verify education qualifications to screen the candidates carefully. Companies are observing the hazards of dishonesty in education qualification and reference checks. Modern technologies have eased phony qualification any other fraudulent processes in order to get secure employers. Buy Fake Drivers License and recommendation plays the vital role in securing a normal job so companies to get rid of any type of fraud to find a quality candidate. Usually management don’t go for legal action on such frauds preserve the company honor and respect. So, companies’ avoidance to any legal actions has fueled this fraud to rise and there is no way to curb the growth of these problems.


This ensures that the education qualification frauds have reached at a degree where whole selection procedures are at the risk of theses frauds and there is no correct way to put a check on the rise of this problem.