2018 best bluehosting reviews for wordpress

Bluehost is a hosting company based in Orem, Utah, and has been around since 2003. It was founded by Matt Heaton. The company offers a variety of services and hosting features such as WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting as well as cloud hosting and reseller.

Plus, they have 24 hours a day, 7 days includes weekly customer service, live chat, support tickets, phone support (national and international numbers) and a vast knowledge base with search for Bluehost’s capabilities has been considered by many as one of the best existing hosting services are recognized. Since all needs and desires are different, this bluehost coupon code review will help you decide for yourself whether Bluehost is right for you and your accommodation needs.
Shared hosting is the most common hosting plan you see on any website from a web hosting provider. Features and prices vary from place to place. Bluehosts Shared Hosting Plan has three levels: Basic, Positive and Professional.

Cloud hosting plan

The next level is the Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plan. The cloud server zone differs from VPS in that a server cluster is available to users, rather than a server divided into “virtual” servers. Cloud hosting ensures that a server that no longer works is backed up by the other servers in the cluster. This will allow you to continue using your site when you restart or repair the server.

It is often said that cloud services are more expensive than VPS, but Bluehost gives their cloud services a price very similar to their shared hosting plans. It has many similar features, similar memory allocations, although cloud hosting links post allows 100 GB of disk space compared to the 50 GB allowed in the common reference database. If you have a traditional shared account, you can move to hosting in the cloud with minimal effort. It’s great if you want the security backup servers to provide.

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VPS hosting Plan

The base plan currently costs $ 3.49 a month (its current promotional price) is pretty decent given its base level. It includes a website, a domain, 50 GB of storage, 5 parked domains, 25 subdomains and 5 email accounts with 100 MB of storage per account. This level is for those who are just starting out, and it is quite easy to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting in cPanel when your site activity starts to start.

Server performance for basic and advanced shared hosting levels is “default”. The “plus” and “Business Pro” levels have many features that are categorized as “unlimited” how many domains you can have, how much space you have for your website, the number of email accounts and how much disk space have. available for these accounts. The “plus” level has a value of $ 200 in marketing offers and the “Business Pro” level is $ 300.
VPS hosting is one of the next levels of shared hosting. VPS stands for “virtual private server” and here is a good analogy to understand what it means. Shared hosting is like sharing a house with friends. However, VPS hosting is as if you move into an apartment building: Instead of sharing a server with all the others, a server in different areas is divided so that each person their own section of space to different speeds receives space plans, depending on the amount of place you pay

In Bluehost promo code, the VPS hosting plan is divided into four levels: Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. Improvement is the most popular because the price of features you receive is only half, although you can upgrade to Premium and Ultimate if needed. The properties of these higher levels have 3 and 4 processor cores, respectively 3 and 4 TB of bandwidth. In addition, there is much more RAM and disk space, with the Ultimate VPS plan reaching 240GB.

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